KMayan 1.1

A KDE panel applet.

Shows current Mayan date with glyphs in the panel. Requires KDE 3.1+ Qt 3.1+

Thanks to Sean Dwyer for qmdate, "the" mayan date calculator widget,
and Ivan Van Langingham for the glyph set. His python based site has more
things related to Mayan calendars than you can shake a snake at.

Oct 31 2004 Added cool tips for glyph name meanings.
Glyph dir is no longer hard coded.
Now users can choose from any dir that has glyphs in it.
Jan 28 2004 Spanish translation done by
Translator: Quique
Language-Team: Castilian aka Spanish
Jan 18 2004 new tarball released KMayan-1.1.tar.gz

Jan 17 2004 First CVS update for KMayan from SourceForge

Rearanged the glyph dir structure to accomodate 4 glyph sets.
Moved QMDate from menu to popup dialog on LMB.
Added two more glyph sets.
User definable, glyphs subdir named 'user', surprise, for user files.
Wrote a proper setup dialog, located in the applet config menu.
MMB provides info/thanks re: current glyph set.

Jan 12 2004 CVS now available for KMayan from SourceForge

cvs login
cvs -z3 co kmayan

Developed and tested on SuSE 9.0 Linux 2.4.21-166 athlon i686/i386 GNU/Linux